The time is upon me…

MuckFest for Ms is here… I must be crazy b/c it was GOD DAMN snowing today!

Mother Nature you better behave Saturday!

Photos to follow! If anyone wants to support me with a last minute donation, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and Wish Me Luck!

3X as Crazy… MuckFest again!!

So as there’s 2 feet of snow on the ground! 4ft icicles hanging from my gutters… and I am generally covered from head to toe in SmartWool…

I have signed up for the first MUDRUN of the year! MuckFest… benefitting the National MS Society!

Last year it was 42 degrees and POURING. So I really must be insane to be doing this again. It’s for a great cause so here I go again!

April 25th Boston Mass… I will be getting down and Dirty (and very wet) for a great cause!! If you’d like to consider supporting my Fundraising CLICK HERE! Thanks in Advance!!

Mt. Washington Update

UPDATE: January 19th 2015…

The planning has begun! I believe my date for this trip will be about 10 days before the big 4-0… Squeezing it in between a family wedding and a birthday bash!! My husband will be joining me on this accent (he has done it before but not for a very long time)… I couldn’t be more excited to have him by my side sharing in this adventure!! 

Update on Mt. Washington…

OMG, its 2015. I apologize for not recently updating this blog. Between the holidays, being sick and well, I’ve got a “roundtoit” problem… I didn’t get ROUNDTOIT

So here we are… 01/08/2015… Which means I have less than 7 months until the climb up Mt. Washington to which I have committed to complete before my 40th Birthday. It WILL happen!

Training shall commence! If anyone has any ideas I would LOVE to hear the best way to prepare for this endeavor! Also if anyone can recommend a group hiking company also appreciated!

Thanks in Advance!


DailyPost- Bliss

Bliss: complete happiness, great joy, paradise, or heaven

My source of Great Joy often happens when I am behind the bars of my motorcycle, heading down a winding back road following an old New England stone wall… blue skies and puffy clouds!

Not my bike... mine's much smaller but it's clearly a beautiful day for someone's ride!
Not my bike… mine’s much smaller but it’s clearly a beautiful day for someone’s ride!

‘Tis the (upcoming) season…

Breathe, just breathe, the busiest season of a photographer’s year is almost at an end…

9 Mini Sessions to go this weekend… I can make it! I can do this… I will reward myself with a MASSAGE!

How’s everyone else surviving? What do you do to make it through this amazing, busy, rewarding, nerve-wracking season of photography?

My non-Photographer friends don’t understand why this is such a crazy time (yet, they want their photos done as well LOL)

So… now that the crazy (in a good way) is winding down. What do you do to build your business for the slow season? Are you a photographer mom like me who looks forward to the wind down so you can WIND up to the Christmas season with your families?

Personally, I will be making my list to Santa… I’ve been good.

I will tell you a secret… I LOVE LOVE LOVE the next holiday! Thanksgiving, and here is why.

Thanksgiving is all about just that, being Thankful. Spending time with your family, EATING. No gifts to give, no costumes to sew (or resulting 10lbs from candy eating). No eggs to dye. Just family. Ohhhh… and mashed potatoes! Love me some mashed potatoes… (add another 5lbs… lol)