Opening Day Fenway

Every now and then you have one if those perfect days where everything falls into place and you hope the day never ends!!!
Being at Fenway on Opening Day after a World Series win and such an emotional year for Boston is an goose bump inducing experience. Marathon victims and saviors presented the rings. Homage was paid to the recently passed Firemen from the back bay. Old players returns (yay Mike Lowell and Tek!)






Bucket List Item— CHECK

Ok so one of the items that should be on my “Bucket List” but never got around to adding it… ATTENDING A FENWAY PARK, Red Sox, Home Opener…

Well… tomorrow I am doing just that. Wait, it gets even better. The tickets basically fell into my lap through the generosity of a couple of new friends!! 4 Tickets to the Home Opener, coming off a World Series Win!! OMG!!!

This Red Sox Redhead is in heaven… I don’t think that my feet have touched the floor since I found out I was going!

PHOTOS are surely to follow!!!

It occurred to me….

That I have no posted in several days, mental slap on the wrist…. I said I would stop complaining about the weather so I won’t. I will however use it as an excuse as to WHY I have not posted in several days. I am lacking inspiration in my life. My solar powered batteries are failing me! 

I will post a list of things I am looking forward to: 

  1. Eating at Fred’s Shanty
  2. The sun on my face
  3. Hiking without gloves, a hat and 4 layers of clothing (and mud… no more MUD)
  4. Going for my daily walk (see #3)
  5. Kayaking
  6. Red Sox games… is it time yet? 
  8. Bonfires, Campfires and Cook fires
  9. Drinking Sam Adams Summer, as much as I love Cold Snap I am ready for that seasonal beer to go away until next year.
  10. Classic Car shows and Mini Golf